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at West Walker Sportsman's Club.

West Walker Sportsman's Club holds sanctioned IHMSA matches throughout the summer.  

Check the IHMSA 2008 schedule for match dates.

WWSC Range Details

Big Bore Range: 
Target Distance Set in Meters
Shooting Stations 6, including sight-in and shootoff stations.
.22 Range:
Target Distance Set in yards
Shooting Stations 11, including 2 sight-in stations and one shootoff station.  Two banks of targets are set for each match.
Field Pistol Range:
Target Distance Set in yards
Shooting Stations 6, including sight-in and shootoff stations.  Located separately from .22 and Big Bore on a raised covered platform.


Shooting Fees

Big Bore $8.00 per Entry   $4.00 for Refire
Field Pistol $7.00 per Entry   $3.50 for Refire
.22 & Air $5.00 per Entry   $2.50 for Refire

New Shooter Information


IHMSA is one of two associations that promote, sanctions, and establishes the rules and guidelines for metallic silhouette shooting competition in the United States. The NRA is the other organization that also offers metallic silhouette competition. Although very similar, there are differences between the two types of silhouette shooting. West Walker Sportsman's Club currently offers IHMSA silhouette shooting.  However, in the future, we may also offer NRA silhouette shooting if there is enough interest.

IHMSA Silhouette Shooting

IHMSA Metallic silhouette shooting is a handgun sport for the shooting enthusiast who wants to do more than just shoot holes in a paper target.  There is nothing more gratifying then hearing the "clang" of the bullet hitting a steel target and watching it topple to the ground!  That is what silhouette shooting is all about.  It's also the challenge of being able to hit a target at 100 or 200 meters and the satisfaction of immediately seeing your results as that target falls.

In a nutshell, silhouette shooting competition involves shooting at four different animal targets at four different distances.  Ten targets are positioned at each of the four distances for a total of 40 targets.  The shooter is allowed one shot per target and has up to two minutes for each bank of ten targets.  There is a category for just about every caliber of handgun, including .22 and air gun.  For the large caliber handguns, referred to as "Big Bore", targets are full size silhouettes of chickens, pigs, turkeys, and rams.  Chickens are set at 50 meters, pigs at 100 meters, turkeys at 150 meters and rams at 200 meters.  For the smaller calibers, the targets are smaller and the distances are 25, 50, 75, and 100 meters.  IHMSA allows the targets to be set in either meters or yards.  WWSC's Big Bore range is set in meters while the small bore and field pistol ranges are set in yards.  For more detailed information, check out the Minnesota Silhouette Association website in the New Shooter section for an excellent source of information on IHMSA and much more details.

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