FEBRUARY 16,2002

Our first "ICEMAN CHALLENGE" winter silhouette match turned out to be a success, with over thirty entries being fired. Many arrived early and stayed all day. A few guys from the silhouette committee worked the previous Saturday building a heated shelter and putting up long windbreaks at the shooting stations and insulating the fire control shack.

Anyone from Michigan knows that the middle of February can mean deep snow, single digit temperatures and minus degree wind chill. The weather was unseasonably mild and most of the snow had melted while this was done, and we thought it would pose a problem getting down range to set targets in the muddy conditions. Then it turned nasty and the winds blew hard during the week and knocked everything down and shredded the tarps and all had to be rebuilt in just a couple days.

The target setting crew hard at work.(Click Image for larger view)

Match day was fairly decent, with the sun coming out and the wind slowing down a bit.It did snow quite heavy at times, making the targets stand out really nice against snow covered berms. 

Left to Right:  Dave Krysiak, Rick Heyt, Deb Heyt, Dave Freas, Bill Freas, Dennis, Dan Larabel, Rich Vaughn, Scott Larabel, and Jeff Smith.(Click Image for larger view)

With Plenty of hot coffee, killer homemade chili supplied by Deb Heyt, and seeing everyone again made for a great day.  Should you visit us when she brings chili or barbeques, believe Rick when he says you only need a small drop of his hot sauce per bowl, otherwise you’ll have numb lips and a tongue on fire like I found out.

There were some very impressive scores turned in also. Dave Krysiak and Rich Vaughn shot into the field pistol records program. It was good to see Doc. Jeff Smith again. You couldn’t tell by his shooting that he was away from it for a year. We hope to see more of him this season. We intend to make this an annual event, and continue to improve upon it.

Thanks to all who drove so far to shoot ,including both the new and familiar faces. Thanks to the guys who spent so much of their time preparing the range, (twice) and helping run the match. We welcome all new first time shooters and welcome back those that left us for awhile. Look at the change in the scheduled shoot dates for the spring and summer and bring a friend or two next time. See you there.

Scott Larabel
Match Director

More pictures (Click one for a larger view)

iceman shoot_0039.jpg (56038 bytes) iceman shoot_0035.jpg (44713 bytes) iceman shoot_0038.jpg (44397 bytes) iceman shoot_0036.jpg (32504 bytes)
The 22 line with the
warm room.
Looking out over
the 22 range.
Looking at the
Big Bore Line.
A view from
the shack.
iceman shoot_0037.jpg (32772 bytes) iceman shoot_0040.jpg (47993 bytes) iceman shoot_1.jpg (20977 bytes) iceman shoot_0042.jpg (56622 bytes)
The Big Bore
RAMs are out
there somewhere.
The Big Bore
line with the
wind block.
Looking back
at the line from
the Big Bore
Field Pistol