WWSC 3rd Annual Hunting For a Cure Field Day

August 9th, 2003

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The photo at the left says it all. The  excitement of a young boy having fun and learning how to shoot safely. 

This was our third annual Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser Field Day and again it was a great success.  Everyone who attended had a good time, both at the Camo Ball on Friday night and the shooting events on Saturday. Chuck TenBrink won the hunt with Ted Nugent.  The total revenue raised from the Camo ball, Field Day, and the Ted Nugent raffle tickets was $60,000.00.  Thanks to everyone who attended this worthy cause.  

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Getting ready for
some skeet

Corey looking for

Arrowhead making
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Action at the Sporting Clays

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Kids archery

Kids BB gun

Turkey Shoot

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Kids Water Pistol

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Trap Shooting

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Steel Plate Shooting

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Kids Pellet Rifle

.22 Rifle Shooting

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Big Bore Rifle Water Bottle Shoot

Regular and 3D Archery