FEBRUARY 15, 2003

This years winter shoot certainly lived up to its name. Just a few days before the match, winter roared in with a

Now that the stage has been set, I'll tell you about the match. We had a good turnout despite the weather, with about twelve shooters staying most of the day. It was good to see some familiar faces and some new ones also. Jaime Hinojosa came back after a year off and still shooting well. Doc. Jeff Smith also showed up and also helped set targets. Dee Wolters was one of the brave ladies who also shot. Greg Tompson and Steve Kupris are new to the sport and came out to check it out and shoot a couple rounds. Hope they get the bug and come out again. Joe Gonzales from Quincy MI. and Scott Banfield from Angola Indiana each traveled across the state to check out the action and enjoyed it enough to join IHMSA. Thanks Guys. Fellow club member Dan Schultz stopped by for a bit and shot a round just for the fun of it and to help support the club. There were some good scores turned in despite the conditions, with Gary Essenberg firing off a perfect forty in Big Bore. Obviously the freezing conditions didn't affect him, or he just knows how to block it all out and get in the zone. Wish I could find that zone. By the way, he shoots forties in the summer too. Of course we can't forget Bill Clark, who always comes out to shoot come rain, cold, heat, or snow!

Left to Right:  Dave Krysiak, Michelle Krysiak, Dennis Nelson, Deb Heyt, Rick Heyt, Dan Larabel, Scott Larabel, and Chris Hackett.
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It was really good to see everyone and we hope to improve upon and continue to host this event. I want to personally thank Dan, Dennis, Rick, Chris, Dave K, Michelle K, and Deb for setting targets and helping to set up and put away everything afterwards. Deb, you need to get some warmer winter boots. Casual street boots just don't do the job,as you found out.

I really appreciate all the help and I'll make it up to everyone this summer with a pool party at my house. See you all at the April match.

P.S. Our August match is now on again. Our club field day and open house has been moved to the weekend before our match, which everyone is invited to. Yes, bring your guns because there will be many shooting events.

Scott Larabel
Match Director

More pictures (Click one for a larger view)

iceman02.jpg (16213 bytes)

Target setters at work before the match

iceman04.jpg (25613 bytes)\

Scooter finishing up the snow blowing on the Big Bore range\

iceman03.jpg (46215 bytes)

Looking out over
the 22 range

iceman11.jpg (17439 bytes)

A view of the Field Pistol targets. There really is a pig swinger out there somewhere.

iceman07.jpg (65479 bytes)

A view of the .22 Line with Deb Heyt and Michelle Krysiak trying to stay warm.

iceman09.jpg (65640 bytes)

Dennis Nelson resting after a long, cold day.

iceman01.jpg (20064 bytes)

Finishing up at the end of the match.

iceman08.jpg (51014 bytes)  iceman06.jpg (29727 bytes) iceman10.jpg (44670 bytes)  iceman05.jpg (28603 bytes)

Action on the Big Bore Line.
Dan Schultz with his DW .357 is in the left picture. That's Jaime Hinojosa in the right picture with his back to the camera next to the shack deciding if he should shoot a round or not.

Field Pistol shooters.
Dan Larabel is in the left picture.  Dee Wolters is in the middle of the right picture. She's the one  in the green parka with the hood up waiting for the load command.