2007 Hunter Safety Classes a Great Success!

West Walker Sportsman's Club again hosted hunter safety classes this past July and August. This is a traditional club program offered every year during the summer.  Approximately 50 students successfully completed the 12 hour class consisting of both classroom instruction as well as practical hands-on training.  Class work, consisted of learning and understanding the hunter safety book, various demonstrations, and the written safety test. Students were also given hands-on experience with shot guns, pistols, and .22 rifles as well as the safe way of crossing a fence, walking in a field with other hunters, and removing a firearm from a vehicle.

Of those students, 98% were from West Walker Sportsman's Club members. The remaining students were referrals from the DNR website and word of mouth. Thank you West Walker members for supporting this program. We apologize to those members we had to turn away due to full classes, but our class size is limited by the DNR. 

Thanks go to Todd Wagner and Ryan Kobel as our other certified Hunter Safety Instructors for their help with the classes. We also need to thank our crew: Tom Myers, Paul Heistan, Bill Milhiem, Tim & Mary Squires, Robert Kobel, and Nikki Lutz, for their assistance with the field portion of the class. We couldn't do it without them.

Classes have again been scheduled for July and August of 2008, with class sign up beginning in May.  So, if you didn't get a chance to participate this year, be sure to monitor the website next spring for the exact dates and sign up early.

Hunt Safely!!!

Ron & Robin Kobel

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(Photos taken by Robin Kobel)

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