Concealed Pistol License Courses

Concealed Pistol License Courses offered at WWSC

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CPL courses are taught at WWSC by private instructors acting independently. Please see their pages for class offerings and schedules.

Our current firearm classes are provided by the following:

Contact Jim Rybaski -- 616-485-1020 -- For class information, scheduling and/or payment information.
CPL Classes 5 hour class, 3 hour firearm instruction, students receive State certification

The Agenda and Objectives, satisfies all training requirements outlined in Michigan Public Act 719, for first time CPL applicants, renewal or expired concealed pistol licenses. The classes are 8 hour duration. 5 hours or more of indoor classroom time which includes firearm safety, personal defense techniques, firearms law and legal encounters. 3 hours firearm instruction, consisting of hand gun fundamentals, shooting positions, ammunition knowledge, law and liabilities, sight and unsighted shooting, live fire at end of class. A student may bring his/her own firearm to class with a minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition, or rent a firearm for $ 20.00 prior to class, ammunition additional.

Private classes are $200 per person ( private classes can be held during the week if requested. Group setting (4-6 +) $ 120 per person. Specialized mini classes as listed below are $ 99.00, with training and class usually 1-1/2 hours duration. All class fees are prepaid prior to class dates. If paid on date of class an additional $25.00 will be due.

To save lives and bring security to our communities. The importance of preserving the unalienable right to life. Intelligent decisions about our actions, precautions, behavior. It’s a plan that must encompass, awareness, avoidance, and preparation. Therefore less likely to find ourselves in a situation to use our firearm.

Owning or carrying a firearm isn’t about statistics or constitutional arguments, it’s not about analogies or comparisons, it’s not about the gear, and to be honest, it’s not even about the gun. It’s about taking a small measure of personal responsibility for our safety and the safety of our families. It’s about making it home safe at night and being safe while in our homes. It’s about recognizing that we are our families’ first responder. And, it’s about taking that responsibility seriously.

What to bring to class: Note book, pens, Hearing Protection (plugs or Muffs). Eye Protection (if you wear glasses that will be sufficient). Your firearm, is to remain in your vehicle, until the end of class, with at least 100 rounds of ammunition (no live ammunition in classroom). Wear loose comfortable clothing in summer, of course warm winter attire for winter outdoor range. Bring your snacks for breaks, also a lunch. Water and additional snacks will be provided.

Every situation has a marked
Time Place Circumstance

Goal of a Personal Protection Plan
1. To keep us safe, physically
2. Legally
3. Financially
4. Morally

Other Courses Offered:
Developing a Personal and Home Protection Plan.
Self-Defense Firearm Basics.
Defensive Shooting Fundamentals.
The Legal Use of Force.
Deadly Encounters and the Aftermath.
Basic and Advanced Skills / Gear and Gadgets