Big Gun Raffle 2022

2022 Big gun raffle tickets are on sale now. Stop by the range shack or shotgun desk during our normal business hours and pick one up today. They are $60 and only 300 will be sold. There is a drawing every month of 2022 so be sure to pick up your ticket before January to make sure you are eligible for every drawing!

Range Improvements / Construction

Range improvements are scheduled to begin today. During these improvements there will be no access to the pistol range or indoor range / classroom. Only the rifle range (including the new configuration for 25 yd. shooting), the outdoor bag archery range, indoor archery range, skeet/trap/5-stand will be open. There will also be limited access to restrooms on the outdoor range during periods of this construction as well. We hope the construction will last about 2 weeks but because we have multiple contractors involved, each who will need the previous one to have completed before they can start; it may run significantly longer. We will do our best to post updates and updated timelines as they become available. Be aware that there will be numerous construction vehicles on site during this time, so we urge you to be cautious and attentive when traversing the range property. Also, there may be periodic total closures of the outdoor range because of the construction and electricity re-routing. That said, please make sure you call before heading out to the range for the next few weeks. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding during our improvements.
Rules Here.

Air Gun Steel Silhouette Target Range

There are now 44 individual - 3/16 inch thick steel air gun / pellet gun targets now installed along the north side (on your left as walk the trail to the east) on the 3D archery course. All of the targets are either painted neon green, orange, yellow or red. All targets are hung from a 12 inch spike nailed to either the side of a tree or on the face of a tree facing the shooter. Height of targets are anywhere from ankle to waist high. Every station has at least 2 targets, but some stations have 5. The archery course has a “general” shooting lane cleared for archers and the air gun targets can be shot from the same yardage marker stakes with targets being on the right or left side of the shooting lane. From the “white” shooting position stake, targets vary in distance from 15 yards to 50 yards. As with the 3D archery, shooters need to sign in at the range desk. Monitors need to inform shooters that they are limited to air guns only (no rimfire or centerfire guns allowed). Caller of pellet / air gun need to be lower than .25 caliber. There will be no fee to shoot this course.
Rules Here.