3D Archery

Open shooting is available to members only. You can shoot 7 days a week, following the same time schedule as our rifle/pistol ranges. See the range hour schedule for specific times.
Absolutely NO broad heads or practice broadheads are to be shot into the 3D targets.
3D targets are set up in the spring as soon as the ground is dry enough to bring them out, usually some time in May, and are taken down Oct 1st. The 3D range is gated and locked. You must sign in at the range office and show your WWSC membership card to shoot. It costs $5.00 and you must be a member. Call ahead to the clubhouse at 453-5081 to check if the targets have been set up.

3D archery targets have the distance marked with colored stakes, see the chart below for details.
Distance Stake Color
0-20 Yds Yellow
0-30 Yds Red
0-40 Yds White