Airgun Woods Walk

Open shooting is available to members only at the rifle ranges or the Woods Walk Course. You can shoot 7 days a week, following the same time schedule as our rifle/pistol ranges. Woods Walk course will close from Oct. 1st through Dec. 31st every year for hunting season, but will re-open January 1st. See the range hour schedule for specific times.
There is no fee to shoot the Woods Walk targets, but make sure you sign in at the Range Office before shooting.

There are now 50 individual - 3/16 inch thick steel air gun / pellet gun targets now installed along the north side (on your left as walk the trail to the east) on the 3D archery course. All of the targets are either painted neon green, orange, yellow or red. All targets are either mounted to a tree or hanging stand that is clearly visible. Height of targets are anywhere from ankle to waist high. Every station has at least 2 targets, but some stations have 5. The archery course has a “general” shooting lane cleared for archers and the air gun targets can be shot from the same yardage marker stakes with targets being on the right or left side of the shooting lane. From the “white” shooting position stake, targets vary in distance from 15 yards to 50 yards. Please be sure to avoid shooting the 3D archery targets! As with the 3D archery, shooters need to sign in at the range desk and obtain the combination to the locked fence to enter the course. Monitors need to inform shooters that they are limited to air guns only (no rimfire or centerfire guns allowed). Caliber of pellet / air guns need to be lower than .25 cal. There will be no fee to shoot this course.
Woods Walk targets have the distance marked with colored stakes, see the chart below for details.
We have a hard fast rule that all shooters and spectators on the Woods Walk must wear eyeglasses or safety glasses, no exception and this is for your protection as pellets can ricochet.
Rules Here.

Distance Stake Color
0-20 Yds Yellow
0-30 Yds Red
0-40 Yds White

WWSC also has 6 youth .177 caliber scoped pellet guns for our members to use free of charge if you don’t have your own. Please ask the range officer on duty if you can borrow the rifles during your visit. It is advised to bring your own .177 lead caliber pellets that can be purchased at Meijer, Cabela’s or other sporting goods type of stores. Below are some examples of standard pellets that can be found at most sporting goods stores.