Our Ranges include :
7-Yard -- Pistol Only
15/25-Yard -- Pistol and Rifle sighting
50 Meter -- Rifle
100 Meter -- Rifle
200 Meter -- Rifle
All Outdoor ranges are covered to provide protection from the elements
20 Yard Indoor Pistol Range for special events(See schedule for times / days)

Ranges are for MEMBERS ONLY, no guests are allowed to shoot due to the club's insurance and liability regulations
Eye and ear protection is required
We do not sell ammo or rent guns
Memberships can be purchased at the Range Office or Shotgun Desk
We accept Cash, Personal Checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover

Please be responsible and pick up your brass and discarded ammo boxes in your area when you are finished shooting! Deposit all spent metallic cases into the red metal containers near each line, and put all non-metallic trash in the barrel by each range. Do not dump duds in the trash barrels! They can pose a real hazard to our grounds committee as they mow the grass or burn trash. Thanks for helping keep our ranges clean and safe for all!

The outdoor ranges are open 7 days a week to members only. On major holidays or in inclement weather we recommend that you call our club phone number to make sure someone is available to open the ranges. There are no hourly fees to use the ranges. Starting times on Mon-Sat are 9am, Sunday is 10:00am. For closing times check the range hour schedule.
Prior to shooting, you MUST sign in at the Range Office and show your membership card. You may also be asked to show a drivers license or other legal picture ID.

Range monitors are on premises to ensure that only WWSC members are using theses ranges, provide information, conduct club business, and enforce the rules when necessary. It is every members responsibility to observe that the Range Rules are followed and to report violators to the monitor on duty.