Friends of West Walker

Friends of West Walker Sportsman's Club

Friends of West Walker Sportsman’s Club a 501c3 non-profit organization.

The Friends of West Walker Sportsman’s Club aka FOWWSC organization has been re-established as approved by unanimous vote of the Board of Directors for West Walker Sportsman’s Club aka WWSC in the January 30, 2018 meeting.

FOWWSC was officially granted the non-profit 501c3 status with a TAX ID # by the State of Michigan in 2013 to allow tax deductible donations to all those that wish to contribute to the organization. The purpose of such would be to raise funds on a tax favorable basis, apply for grants, and solicit contributions that will be tax deductible from individuals, big and small businesses, and manage bequests through wills and trusts, etc.

Newly appointed FOWWSC officers are: Chair - Jim Rosin, Treasurer – Rich Vander Meer, Secretary – Denny Fuller, and Directors – Troy Potter, Tom Meyers, Pat Murray, Dan Bradley. The committee will meet as needed, or a minimum of twice per year. FOWWSC Mission Statement: “The mission of FOWWSC is to introduce, educate and promote conservation of our natural resources with emphasis on the outdoor sports of hunting, fishing, archery, shooting and wildlife habitat management to the youth, women, and physically challenged of Michigan”.

100% of any contribution supports our mission as the Board of Directors (officers) are voluntary and receives no compensation from FOWWSC or WWSC.

Initially (2012) WWSC loaned FOWWSC $5,000 to establish the organization as arranged by the founder Rady Delgado. As of February 8, 2018, the entire loan amount plus interest was repaid to WWSC. The club’s generosity is acknowledged as vital to the ongoing success of FOWWSC.

Recently FOWWSC board members sent out donation request letters to approximately 80 + businesses and organizations in the State and locally to help off-set raising costs for the WWSC Sportsman’s Banquet in March 2018.

Notice to all WWSC Charter, Associate Members and others reading this page: Anyone wishing to donate to Friends of West Walker Sportsman’s Club as a tax deduction and/or promotion for the mission described above please notify:
Jim Rosin -- 616-250-0395 or
Rich Vander Meer -- 616-292-0681
We will forward a receipt to you for the tax deduction.